Fast, Effective Solutions

to Vibration

AirBoss Flexible Products is one of the largest suppliers of molded and mold-bonded rubber parts in the North American automobile industry. For more than 30 years, we have applied engineering talent and the latest molding technologies to solve every type of vibration problem for America’s top automakers.


With an average of 15 years in the auto business, our staff of industrial and mechanical engineers design low-cost, high-performance anti-vibration solutions. We produce everything from molded chassis isolators to multiple rate bushings and frequency tuned dampers.


In the compressed go-to-market timelines of the auto industry, Flexible innovates rapidly with full in-house prototyping and testing, unsurpassed rubber formulation expertise, and extensive molding capacity.


Our external parts per million defect rate is is less than five. No matter how complex the design or last-minute the project, you are assured that the parts you need will meet the specs you require.


Rubber is at the heart of our solutions, and through AirBoss Compounding, our sister company, we own all our formulations. As rubber science develops, our customers are at the leading edge.


From our plants in Auburn Hills, Michigan, we are able to service most of our customers within a 30-mile radius.


Honesty and integrity are the basis of our long-lasting business relationships. We say what we do, and do what we say..