12 Advantages

with AirBoss Flexible products

Performance By Design

Using the most advanced design tools, our engineering team consider all vibration-control factors: material, geometry, manufacturing performance, and customer preferences. Our goal is to create the components, parts, and systems that meet or exceed any need at a competitive cost.

Faster Turnaround

Staffed 24 hours a day, our three-shift manufacturing operation is a model of plant efficiency. We are adept at minimizing down-time resulting from start-ups and mold changes while maximizing overall output capacity. All design, testing, and production are handled in house, improving turnaround dramatically.

Flexible Production

With 70 injection presses, coupled with uniform processing measures, we have a highly flexible set-up ability and low scrap rates. Our customers receive the quality products they require with reduced lead times and greater scheduling options.

Superior Quality

We take great pride in the awards and quality accreditations we have received over years of operation, including two Gold Pentastars from Chrysler, Q1 from Ford Motor Company, and, for three consecutive years, a Preferred Targets for Excellence from General Motors. (Only three percent of all GM suppliers to receive this coveted honor.) Our compliance as a TS16949 registered supplier demonstrates our continued commitment to quality management.

Relentless Cost Containment

Cost control ranks second only to quality at AirBoss Flexible Products. Our plant layout and inventory control procedures are designed to reduce costs. Everything from the material storage racks and production processes to our many finishing operations are geared toward just-in-time delivery. Our intensive attention to detail regularly yields more than 27 inventory turns per year, well above the 12.7 industry average.

Unrivalled Material Expertise

AirBoss, our parent company, is one of North America's leading custom rubber mixers with the capacity to supply over 250 million pounds annually. Our customers have direct access to unrivalled technical expertise and an extensive library of compounds. Innovation is ongoing. For example, AirBoss recently formulated compounds that cure much faster under much higher temperatures, enabling us to mold parts more rapidly at lower cost.

Rapid Prototyping

Fast in-house prototyping is one of the reasons we are able to respond quickly to customer demands. Equipped with a StrataSys rapid prototyping machine and two Dieffenbacher presses, we are able to produce full-size models overnight.

In-House Molding

Mold design is a key factor in the efficient manufacturing of rubber parts at a competitive price, and too important to trust to an outside vendor. Our mold makers combine the latest in high-tech tooling and state-of-the-art software to create proprietary mold designs. The result: quality parts, expedited delivery, and more control over costs and scheduling.

In-House Tooling

Fast, expert tooling is built into our design process. From customer drawings we create the right tools to produce lowest-cost parts with the industry’s highest first-time quality numbers.

In-House Testing

We comprehensively test and validate product performance, both for individual components in the lab and in the field on vehicles. We provide fast results to our customers, verifying requirements and adjusting parts quickly if need be.

In-House Assembly

Secondary processes can steal valuable time. At AirBoss Flexible Products, we ensure they don’t by designing, building, and maintaining all assembly processes in house.

Shipping Proximity

Our location in Auburn Hills repeatedly proves to be an advantage for our customers. Time saved through rapid design, tooling, prototyping, testing, and manufacturing is only realized upon delivery. Our close proximity often makes the difference.