A Better Reaction on the Road

Car owners want tight response in a ride without shock, noise, or vibration. AirBoss Flexible Products achieves this balance consistently, providing custom-designed suspension components, each one formulated for the application. As rubber experts, we are uniquely able to control the quality and consistency of our rubber from recipe to final product.

Chassis & Exhaust:

Performance-Designed For Any Load

Heat resistance and durability are the challenges in chassis and exhaust components. With extreme loads on exhaust system due to emissions regulations, both higher heat and weight must be factored into design. AirBoss Flexible Products applies unique polymers and compounding to ensure durability and performance under any load and temperature range. Our chassis components isolate vibration to impart the high level of interior quietness all automakers seek.

Flexible Production:

Faster Turnaround

With 70 injection presses, coupled with uniform processing measures, we have a highly flexible set-up ability and low scrap rates. Our customers receive the quality products they require with reduced lead times and greater scheduling options.


Vibration-Free Isolation

Electrical power steering systems must be free of vibration. We help our customers isolate their steering systems from interference to ensure optimal processor feedback. Thorough testing, both in prototype and in the field, ensure all AirBoss Flexible Products steering components meet or exceed OEM specs.

Power Train & Drive:

Fast, Effective Solutions

Dampers for power train and drive assemblies are often a last-minute requirement before production. AirBoss Flexible Products is able to not only locate and measure vibrations but work quickly to eliminate them cost-effectively. We have become a preferred supplier in this segment.